Why you need to start working with Mood boards?

If you're not working with Mood boards for your projects, trust me, this video is for you. 
They are a huge help when it comes to shaping a project, and sticking to it at the end. It has several purposes, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can make your own DIY board, but if you're like me, and like to keep everything archived after you finished, you can create your own digital version within Photoshop.
That's why, I'm giving THIS TEMPLATE for free.
Hope you like it, and make sure you watch the video if you haven't!

Improving your portraits with a couple of very simple steps

This quick tutorial will guide you through a couple of very "key" elements of basic & advanced retouching.I explain briefly how to use Colour correction, heal, dodge and burn and colour grading to bring your portraits to a higher, more professional looking level.
Of course, these techniques apply for every type of photography you're doing, but in my opinion, portrait/fashion/editorial are the areas that need the extra attention to achieve that High Retouching level.

To help you save some time, here you can find a Dodge & Burn action, that I created, and use for my photos.

Hope you enjoy it.

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