About Me

Visual Communicator, Photographer, videographer, retoucher and DOP based in Basel & Zurich Switzerland.

As a photographer, my areas of expertise are  editorial, fashion, portrait, corporate, advertisement,  and event  photography.

As a videographer I work with videos from conception and development, logistics, cameraman, colourist and editor, giving all my work a nice attention to detail and passion.

After graduating from the F+F School of Arts and Design in Zurich, I've had the chance to work as a freelancer and assistant for both national and international companies and personalities.

"As a photographer I'm interested in light, capture it and play with it, in order to steal the soul of a moment.
I always thought that a picture is worth a thousand words. Even if it is a different word to different people"


Clients (Freelancer/ Assistant)
•La Taparia GmbH
•SAA (Swiss Automotiv Aftermarket)
•Lilies Linens
•Null 4
•NSH Bildungszentrum
•Basler Bildungsgruppe
• House of Shirts
• Credit Suisse
• Bank of America
• Tele Zuri
• Women in Business Magazine
• Places Magazine
• Upper Class Jeans
• Elie Jewelry
• The Studio CH  

Speeches/Published Work
 • Revista Tematica, 2011
• Pechakucha 2013
• VSCO Curated Grid
• Revista Esquisses, 2014
• Te Prometo Anarquia, 2014
• WADMU Web Arts Digital Museum, 2014  
•Longing for the Future - Bamako/Zürich, 2015-2016

• Museum der Kulturen Basel "Longing for the future" Exhibition
• El Cuartito, Quetzaltenango Guatemala. 
• La Cafetera, Quetzaltenango Guatemala.
• Centro Cultural de España, Guatemala, Barcelona & Madrid, Spain.
• F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign, Switzerland.
• Acciones de Luna, Costa Rica. 

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